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Adventures in Dawnmore

Dawnmore is a fictional kingdom that started as a setting for homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Over the course of my college career, I came back to this setting for various assignments: a creative writing assignment, animatics, animations, and character designs.

2020 Model Sheets

These model sheets were created as a part of a college application portfolio that got me accepted to both Lesley University and Art Center.

2021 Forest to Town

This short story was for a YA creative writing class. I was able to take the characters I had developed and put them in a fleshed-out story, complete with illustrations.

2021 The Grasshopper

Based on the first chapter of the short story, this animatic was a final for a storyboarding class. The new designs and the animated shot were to enhance the project.

Voices by Audrey Forman and Estefan Granucci

2022 Adventures in Dawnmore Animatic

This animatic was a personal project made as a trailer or title sequence for a theoretical animated show.

2023 Storyboards

Just like The Grasshopper, I created storyboards for a few of the other scenes from the short story Forest to Town. These scenes were more focused on combat and action.

Furor at the Festival
Hearken with Haste